Why is Recycling Appliances so Important?


  • Many government sources say that we could save $20 million a year if we all adopted recycling habits
  • Recycling reduces the need to build landfills and incinerators
  • Recycling requires far less energy for manufacturing products than starting from scratch
  • Recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change
  • Recycling efforts account for 1.1 million jobs in the U.S. and rising
  • Recycling helps reduce our reliance on foreign oil
  • Recycling keeps hazardous chemicals found in major household appliances out of the atmosphere and the landfills
  • Recycling creates more natural resources for future generations
  • Recycling stimulates the development of green technology
  • Recycling just one refrigerator is equal to taking 2 cars off the road for one full year


Responsible Appliance Disposal - It's the Law!

In 1991 California enacted the Metallic Discards Act banning many appliances such as refrigerators, hot water heaters, washers, dryers, dishwashers and air conditioners from dumps and landfills. California requires major appliances to be recycled for their metal content.

Tax advantages

Congress created tax credits and deductions available to homeowners and businesses that purchase energy-efficiency appliances, renewable energy equipment and electric vehicles. These incentives were modified in December, 2010. More information can be found on the 

Tax Incentive Assistance Project web site